Cigweld Transtig 170ti VRD Mine Spec Power Source CIGW1007180

When you are looking for a safe, power efficient and high performance machine you can’t go past the Transtig 170Ti with MineSpec safety features and High Frequency start in TIG mode.

With operator protection being paramount the 170Ti is packed full of safety features including VRD that conforms to AS 1674.2, Fail to Safe and an insulated plastic housing that is IP23S rated.

Your welding efficiency will also be enhanced as this model has exceptional arc start and run performance and includes TIG shielding gas control that eliminates wasted gas between welds. The Transtig 170Ti Plant also has a TIG torch with remote control function that allows you to adjust your weld current setting from the torch while welding.


  • Compliant to AS 60974.1
    • Conforms to the requirements of AS 1674.2
    • Conforms to MDG25
  • VRD - Virtually eliminates electric shocks when not welding.
  • Fail to safe shutdown if VRD Malfunctions
  • Enclosure rated to IP23S
    • Outdoors use as outlined in AS 1674.2
  • Insulated plastic housing eliminates arc strike hazards on housing
  • Maximum electrode size 4.0mm
  • Stick MMAW and Lift TIG GTAW
  • HF Start in TIG Mode
  • Deadman Switch
  • Digital Readout
  • PFC - Power Factor Correction
  • Intelligent Fan Control
  • IP66, 15A Supply Plug with Braided Lead
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Processes Stick (MMAW), Lift TIG (GTAW), HF TIG (GTAW)
Supply Voltage 240V +/- 15%, 50/60Hz (15A Plug)
Effective Input Current 13A
Current Range 5-170A
Open Circuit Voltage 8V DC (VRD On), 66V DC (VRD Off)
Duty Cycle
  • Stick (MMAW): 170A@30%, 100A@100%
  • TIG (GTAW): 170A@30%, 100A@100%
Minimum Generator 6.6kW (8.5kVA at 0.8 PF)
Weight 11.6kg (Power Source)
Power Source Dimensions 324 H x 122 W x 458 D mm
Protection Class IP23S
Plant Contents
  •  Transtig 170Ti Mine Spec Inverter Power Source with Braided Supply Lead and IP66, 15A Supply Plug.
  •  Tig Torch 26F with Flex Head, 4m Lead, Trigger Switch and Remote Control
  •  Tig Torch Accessory Kit
  •  Comet Professional Argon Regulator/Flowmeter
  •  Electrode Holder with Trigger Switch (Deadman Switch) and 4m Lead
  •  Work Clamp with 4m Lead
  •  Handipak of Electrodes, Satincraft 13
  •  Shielding Gas Hose Assembly
  •  Shoulder Strap
  •  Product Bag
  •  Operating Manual

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