CIGWeld Electrode Alloycraft 110 3.2mm 2.5kg Ultraseal CIG612893

Product Code: CIG612893

Alloycraft 110 is a basic hydrogen controlled electrode offering excellent weld ability/ weld deposit mechanical properties and "very low, h5" diffusible hydrogen levels.
Applications Suitable for the all positional (except vertical down) DC welding of a wide range of high strength steels.
Process (MMAW)
Size 3.2 mm
Pack Type Ultraseal packet
Pack Weight 2.5kg 


  • Hermetically sealed cans
  • Improved High Strength, Low Alloy Steel Electrode
  • Very Low H5/H4 Diffusible Hydrogen Class
  • 760 MPa Tensile Class, Reliable Impact Toughness to -40°C
  • BATCH NUMBERED for On-the-Job Traceability

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