Cigweld Filla Rod Comcoat N 3.2mm 2.5kg CIG321215

Brand: CIGWeld
Product Code: CIG321215

Comweld Comcoat N is a 'self fluxing' Nickel bronze filler rod recommended for the high strength braze welding of steel, cast and malleable irons.
Process (GTAW )
Size 3.2 mm
Pack Type Packet
Pack Weight 2.5kg = 1 Packet


  • Flux Coated Nickel Bronze Rod
  • High Strength, Excellent Wear Resistance
  • High Strength Braze Welding of Steels and Cast or Malleable Irons
  • Fusion Welding of Copper Based Alloys of Similar Composition
  • PINK Flux Colour for Instant ID

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