Cigweld Filla Rod Silicon Bronze 3.2mm 5kg CIG321295

Brand: CIGWeld
Product Code: CIG321295

Comweld Silicon Bronze is a premium quality, general purpose, silicon bronze filler road producing excellent joints on copper, brass, copper-silicon and copper-sink sheet, tube and extruded section base to themselves and also to steel.
Process (GTAW )
Size 3.2 mm
Pack Type Packet
Pack Weight 5kg = 1 Packet


  • Premium Quality Deoxidised Silicon - Bronze alloy
  • Recommended for the Braze Welding and GTA (TIG) welding of Copper Silicon alloys (Everdur and Cusilman)
  • CANARY YELLOW End Tip Colour
  • Produces excellent joints on copper, brass and copper-zinc sheet, tube and extruded section



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