Cigweld Electrode Satincrome 309Mo -17 3.2mm 2.5kg CIG611693

Product Code: CIG611693

Satincrome 309Mo-17 is a Rutile type, high alloy stainless steel electrode manufactured by CIGWELD for the all positional (except vertical-down) fillet and butt welding of 24Cr/13Ni type stainless steels.
Applications Include the single and multi-pass welding of matching 309 and 309L stainless steels. 
Process (MMAW)
Size 3.2 mm
Pack Type Packet
Pack Weight 2.5kg = 1 Packet


  • Rutile Type, Stainless Steel Electrode
  • Outstanding Operator Appeal
  • Now with Improved Slag Lift
  • All Positional (except vertical down)
  • Welding Capabilities
  • Advanced Moisture Resistant Flux
  • Hermetically Sealed Ultra-Seal Vacuum packs

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