Cigweld Transmig 320SP CIGW1000100

The portable Transmig 320SP, with an integrated 4-roll wire feed system, outputs 320 amps DC at only 35kgs – the ideal Synergic MIG for quality welding applications.


  • Multi-process, GMAW-Conventional (MIG); Synergic non-pulse; Synergic Pulse; Twin Pulse, GTAW, MMAW and CAG.
  • 90 synergic non-pulse/ synergic pulse programs in each model.
  • 100 independent, user-defined, frequently used welding jobs.
  • MIG Twin Pulse, providing effortless TIG-like weld appearance.
  • Programmable scratch-start TIG.
  • Standard compliant built in Voltage reduction device (VRD).
  • One Touch Control, set the material thickness, then start welding.
  • User friendly controls plus 2 line digital display, enabling easy set up in all weld modes.
  • Separate digital Volt and ammeter display.


Processes MIG (GMAW)
Supply Voltage 415 Volt, 3 phase, 50/60Hz
Current Range 5 - 320amps
Duty Cycle 100% @ 250amps 26.5v

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