Cigweld WeldSkill 150 MIG Portable Welding Machine CIGW1004150

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Product Code: CIGW1004150


The Cigweld WeldSkill 150 MIG is a single phase compact power source designed specifically for handymen or tradesman that require high quality welding performance. The constant Voltage power source provides excellent arc performance with solid or flux cored welding wires. It is ideal for a wide range of materials including stainless/mild steels and aluminium, and is suitable for the welding of mild steel up to 5mm thick(when used with appropriate consumables)


Input Voltage 240 Volts, +/-- 15%
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Generator Requirement 7 kVA
Output Range 41 - 130 (150A max)
Rated Output @ Duty Cycle 130A/20.5V @ 10% Duty Cycle
Dimensions 275H x 245W x 420D mm
Weight(Power Source) 20kg
Contents WeldSkill 150 MIG power source, Work lead and MIG Gun, 0.8mm WeldSkill mild steel gasless wire, Spare Torch consumables, Operating Manual

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