Jalas Titan Welding Boots

The Jalas Titan Welding Boot is specifically built for tough welding environments and is the welding boot of choice within the Scandinavian metal fabrication industry.

With hundreds of thousands of pairs sold each year, compulsory on most large welding sites, these best sellers have just launched in Australia. Compound tested at 300°C with Kevlar threaded seams these welding boots provide the highest level of protection.
Also featuring an aluminium toecap, nail protection and an outsole resistant to penetration, water and oil, these welding boots are perfect for the metal fabrication industry.

Built with a quick release Velcro side, these boots offer the welder the convenience of slip-on/slip-off application with the ankle support they need while eliminating flammable slag collection areas like shoelaces. JALAS safety footwear from Finland is the most technically advanced on the market with 100 years of experience.

Highest level of protection with excellent grip regardless of conditions
Legendary Jalas comfort and spacious fit based on 100 years of experience
Heat resistant upper and outsole with Kevlar threaded seams
Thinsulate heat insulation for welding applications
Aluminium toecap with toe reinforcement
Plasma-treated composite (PTC) textile for nail protection
Penetration-resistant outsole
Oil-resistant and water repellent outsole with anti-static properties
Velcro fastening for quick release
No weld slag collection areas
Double shock absorption system
PU-coated leather specifically built for welding
Compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011, S3 SRC CI HRO

Jalas boot sizes are unique and do not correlate
exactly with European, US or UK sizes. The best
way to find the correct Jalas boot size is by using
the method listed above - finding the exact length
of your foot in millimeters and matching it to the
best Jalas Boot Size.

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