Welding Positioner 2 ton ROHB20

Brand: Jasic
Product Code: ROHB20

Positioner can help the users to carry out welding with the weld bead in the optimal position through the rotation and reverse of the work table. When used together with welding manipulator and welding power source to form the automatic welding center, it can greatly improve the weld bead quality, reduce the labor intensity, and raise the labor productivity.

Main characteristics

1. The working surface of table is finished with casting, and it cannot be easily damaged by welding spatter. With positioning lines uniformly distributed and T-slot designed on the working surface, various positioning devices and clamping mechanism can be easily installed on it.

2. By adopting cycloidal reducer (>1 ton) or worm reducer (<1 ton) in reverse, through stepless speed regulation by frequency converter, it is with a wide adjustment range and stable welding speed.

3. By adopting worm reducer to achieve constant-speed rotation within -10°~+100° in rotation, it is with high turning torque, stable positioning and self-locking function which can avoid accidents in case of a sudden cut off of the power source.

4. Machine base is designed for the machine body, ensuring high overall stability of the machine. Besides, it is very convenient to move, since it is unnecessary to fix the machine on the ground.

5. Remote controlled by the control-box, it is easy to operate. Besides, linkage interface is designed on the electrical box, and you can connect the machine to welding manipulator and welding control system made by our company or other manufacturers to achieve linkage operation.

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