Adjustable Turning Roll 5 Ton ROKT5

Brand: Jasic
Product Code: ROKT5

Main characteristics

1. The center distance of rollers can be adjusted with the spare screw to meet the requirements of different workpiece diameters.

2. Steel-rubber rollers made through hot pressing forming process are with good wear resistance, high loading capacity and strong driving force.

3. Rollers of the driving roll adopt bilateral double-motor with direct two-step worm reducer drive.

4. It adopts stepless speed regulation by frequency converter, and it is with a wide adjustment range, large starting torque and high accuracy.

5. It is reliable and easy to operate with the control-box and many auto-protection functions. Besides, linkage interface is designed on the electrical box, and you can connect the machine to welding manipulator and welding control system made by our company to achieve linkage operation.

6. Besides, we provide turning rollers of JT series manually adjustable type, JTD series electrically driven adjustable type and anti-drifting type.

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