Lincoln LF33 Wirefeeder LIWK140301W

Linc Feed 33

Small and Robust, Flexible and Complete

The LF33 is a wire feeder designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. With this feeder we focussed on ruggedness, dimensions and ease of use. The result is an incredibly rugged, protective casing as standard completed with an undercarriage, for use under tough industrial conditions. The feeder is able to accept D300 (15KG) and small D200 (5KG) wire spools, using solid or cored wire including Innershield.

The LF 33 feeder is equipped with a rugged four-roll drive system. The wire guidance from the coil to gun tip is smooth and avoids any tangles, guaranteeing you trouble free feeding.

The LF33 is equipped with 2/4-step, run-in, wire inch and gas purge. Two clear digital metersdisplay the welding Voltage and Amperage.

Designed to work with all Lincoln analogue power sources such as CV420, CV505, V350PRO, Invertec® STT II and others.

Other features include quick connect water cooling connections, 10 or 15 metre interconnection cables either air or water cooled. Optional remote control pendent to give greater convenience to the operator.

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