MSA Respirator Flexifilter P3 Odour Removal Pkt10 ACDM10027697

Brand: MSA
Product Code: ACDM10027697

With its extremely flat design, the MSA FLEXIfilter is a superb alternative to traditional particle filters.

Lightweight, low-profile Flexi-Filter Pads make it easy for wearers to work for hours without fatigue or overheating. The swept-back design increases user field of vision, while low-breathing resistance ensures hours of comfort. Convenient finger tabs ensure easy installation and removal.

  • Lightweight, low-profile filters offer minimal breathing resistance
  • Swept-back design offers high visibility
  • Finger tabs make easy on/off

Available as P2 or P3, as well as with a layer
against nuisance odors [OR] which also protects
against ozone.

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