Pferd BLOCK 100 x 1.0mm Cutting Disc Stainless Steel 125mm DC1251A60SSBL

100 x 1.0mm (5") Cutting Disc Stainless Steel 125mm


Multipurpose tool of hardness grade R-INOX, for reduced heat build-up.

PFERD product characterized by aggressive cutting performance and very long tool life.

Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A Manufactured without addition of ferrous, sulphurous and chlorinated fillers.


Cutting of metal, sheet profiles and solid materials
Workpiece materials
Stainless steel (INOX)

Recommendation for use

Disc thickness 1,9/1,8/1,6/1,2/1,0 mm for fast, convenient cutting with minimized burr formation. Disc thickness 2,5/2,4/2,0 mm for universal cutting work. Disc thickness 3,2 mm for maximum tool life with high lateral stability. Suitable for angle grinders of all output levels.The use of large clamping flanges (SFS 76, page 49) increases the lateral lateral stability and ensures accurate disc guidance, in particular with thin cut-off wheels flat type,dia.178 and 230 mm

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