Platemate 2 Gas Straight Line Cutting Machine CIGW338536

Automatically cuts straight lines, circles and bevels. Lightweight and portable, the Platemate™ 2 is a compact unit designed for simple operation with high stability for long distance cutting. The Platemate 2 comes with a size 1 acetylene nozzle, tip cleaners and spanners.


Two Torch Set This set allows parallel and bevel cutting with spacing of 80mm-300mm. Includes: 1 x cutting torch, 1 x torch adjustment bracket, 1 x extended racking bar, 1 x counterweight, 1 x gas distribution manifold, 1 x set of gas hoses. Circle Cutting Attachments This attachment allows cutting of circles from 30-2400mm. Includes; 1 x circle cutting attachment, 1 x counterweight. Additional Rail: Additional 1.8m rails may be added to achieve any desired cutting length.
  • Automatically cuts straight lines, circles and bevels
  • Lightweight Portable Compact construction
  • Designed for simple operation
  • High stability for long distance cutting


Weight (one torch set) 9.5kg
Length 350mm
Wheel Width 160mm
Motor Model Condenser-induction
Power Source 240V, 50Hz
Revolution 1,500rpm (no load)
Reduction Gear Single cone system
Cutting Speed 150-800mm/min
Cutting Thickness 5mm-50mm
Cutting Edge Shape Square Cutting V bevel cutting



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