Lincoln PowerCRAFT 180 1PH LIWK690191

 PowerCRAFT™ 180

The PowerCRAFT™ 180 inverter machine is intended to be used for light to medium duty welding application. It is an ideal choice for maintenance, small repairs & general fabrication. It is designed to be used with 6011, 6013 & 7018 type electrodes up to 4.0mm in diameter.
The PowerCRAFT™ 180 inverter machine is very compact, lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. Accessories are included, so the machines are ready to weld out of the box.
Advantage Lincoln
►Small and light weight yet powerful
► Built-in VRD
►Generator Compatiable
► Intelligent protection
► Lift TIG
► Auto Arc Force
►Built in “hot Start”
►Anti- Sticking
►Meets IEC 60974-1
►Thermally protected
► IGBT technology
► Easy to set Output Control
► Ready to weld with accessories
► General fabrication
► Maintenance/ repair
► Rural
► Home handy man


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