Focus Air FA100 PAPR System ACHSFA100WRX300

The Focus Air System delivers the protection welders need in a light-weight package with all the features they demand when it comes to venitlation and resiparatory protection, and with a lower initial cost, the FA100 delivers better value than any other system on the market. Meeting and exceeding the requirements of the CE standards and European Norms, the FA100 delivers new levels of protection and value for money.

• Simple and clear status display
• Smooth and ultra quiet brushless motor
• Variable airflow speed control
• Removable Li/ion Battery (Run time 10+ hours)
• Easy to operate controls
• Supplied with P3 main filter, activated carbon pre filter and metal spark arrestor
• Light weight (Less than1.1kg)

Package Includes:
Focus Air P3 Filtration powered air purifying respirator complete with RX1 Welding helmet (SH 9-13 + grinding mode)

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