Cigweld Transarc 130i Mine Spec Power Source CIGW1007131

In addition to the features of the Transarc 130i series, the Transarc Mine Spec version comes with a braided and reinforced supply lead that virtually eliminates electric shock from a damaged power cord. This model also comes standard with a heavy duty, IP66 rated and compliant 10A supply plug, which screws into place and forms a weather proof seal against damp, dirt and grime.

Another safety advantage of the Mine Spec unit is the stick electrode holder with Deadman Switch which ensures that voltage at the electrode before you start is ZERO VOLTS. Voltage then increases to 8V DC (VRD on) when the Operator presses the Deadman switch to start welding. The Mine Spec units are ideal for those welding in confined spaces specifically in construction and maintenance on mining sites.

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