Westair Compressor Portable Petrol (trolly mounted) Direct Drive Oil Free Pump Cfm 13.5 25Ltr COWP14DDTM

Brand: Westair
Product Code: COWP14DDTM

All WESTAIR packaged compressors have been designed and constructed with quality foremost in our internal design engineers mind. Below are just some of the unique design characteristics we have incorporated in our HONDA petrol driven range. Westair through constant customer research and ongoing innovative design have now incorporated a pump stop system to all our petrol models, this will reduce fuel consumption, allow for easy 1 pull starting, reduce pump wear, and reduce operating noise . If reliability, performance, low fuel consumption, and quieter operation is what you need then check out our huge.

BASE PLATES; Heavy steel base plates to keep pump and motor alignment perfect and reduce vibration

RECIEVERS; All our receivers are built to AS 1210-3 and come with certification, and are sized to best suit most applications

DRIVE; On all packaged units we use cast iron taper lock pulleys with long life high quality “V” belts; most models use a twin belt drive system

ENGINES;  We use high quality genuine HONDA engines as standard, reliability, easy starting, and back up service are hallmarks of this great name in small engines

CONTROLS;  Quality control equipment is paramount to reliability; we use CONRADER control valves made in the USA customised to suit our tough Australian conditions

PIPING; Quality heavy duty copper piping is standard on all Westair packaged units.

GUARDS; Safety first, we use fully enclosed steel mesh guards, securely mounted, and meet all workplace safety standards

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