Electrode Austarc 16TC 4.0mm 5.0kg CEW16TC40

Brand: WIA & Miller
Product Code: CEW16TC40

Smooth Running. Reliable Arc Stability.
So what makes the 16TC such a smooth runner?  It's all about the way it's manufactured - a unique twin coating extrusion process is used to produce two concentric flux coatings, which means all the arc stabilising elements are concentrated in the inner coating. This delivers significantly improved arc stability and control for all applications.

The Heart of an Aussie
The 16TC electrode has a core that is 100% pure Australian steel.  The high purity of the Australian steel delivers a deposited weld metal that is cleaner and free of impurities - ultimately resulting in a weld that is stronger with less propensity for cracking.

Toughness - Grade 4 Metal Toughness
This grade 4 electrode is top of the list when it comes to toughness - with crack resistant properties second to none, it's a good choice for welding carbon, carbon manganese and low alloy high strength steels used in critical and non-critical applications.


The 16TC is the electrode of choice for the construction and rural sectors, plus it performs with ease on specialist applications such as pressure vessels, pipe work and heavy duty maintenance jobs.  It even takes the job of putting a buffer or build-up layer on agricultural or earth moving equipment prior to hard surfacing.

Pipe Welding
Single sided weld joints
Highly restrained joints
Maintenance applications
Buffer layer prior to hard surfacing build up
Structural steel
Grade 4 metal toughness


Agriculture, metal fabrication, mining, mineral processing, forestry, defence, earthmoving, pressure vessels, structural steel.


(NEW) AS/NZS 4855: ISO 2560-B: E4916AU H10(SUPERSEDED) AS/NZS 1553.1: E4816 Grade 4AWS A5.1: E7016-1

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